MultiPlug Raspberry Pi GPIO Extension 1.0.11

Control the General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) of the Raspberry Pi with this MultiPlug Extension

Release Notes

Run this extension on a Raspberry Pi only using the .Net Mono runtime.
1.0.11 Rebuilt due to changes with base classes
1.0.10 Applied new Base classes
1.0.9 Refactor: Upgraded to latest MultiPlug.Base version
1.0.7 Update for Raspberry Pi 4
1.0.6 Upgraded to base classes
1.0.5 Bug: Prevent duplicate read events
1.0.4 Bugs
1.0.3 Refactor: Upgraded to latest MultiPlug.Base version
1.0.2 Enhancement: Implemented new MultiPlug.Base 1.0.25 contracts.
* Subscribe to changes to Pin values.
* Trigger Pin values with MultiPlug Events.
* Set Pin Input Pull Value - Off, Up, Down.
* Known Bug: Due to the use of a external unmanaged library, error messages may occur on MultiPlug shutdown, however the shutdown will complete successfully.

1.0.0 Nuget name reserve.

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