MultiPlug IPC HERMES 9852 Extension used for the transfer of PCB related data between manufacturing equipment on a electronics assembly line.

Release Notes

* Functionality
This Extension, with the use of MultiPlug.Ext.Networks, allows you to connect to Up-line and Down-line electronics production equipment that are also capable of communicating using the IPC-HERMES-9852 messaging standard (

The modes of operation are Pass Through and SMEMA Adaptor.

The Pass Through mode allows the creation of a Hermes man-in-the-middle to capture message data which will include PCB (Printed Circuit Board) information.

The SMEMA Adaptor mode (IPC-SMEMA-9851) requires additional hardware (available at to interface with the SMEMA I/O. This mode allows SMEMA equipment to be upgraded and prevents PCB data from being lost as a PCB moves along an assembly line.

* Setup
1. Within MultiPlug.Ext.Networks, create a Client Socket for the Up-line machine and use its IP address and the default port 50101.
2. Create a Socket Endpoint for the Down-line machine and use the default port 50101.
3. For the Client Socket, subscribe to the Hermes Up-line message send event.
4. For both the Socket Endpoint, subscribe to Herme Down-line message send event.
5. Within MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes Up-line settings, subscribe to the Client Socket read event.
6. For the Hermes Down-line setting, subscribe to the Socket Endpoint read event.

Setup for the SMEMA Adaptor mode will be documented with the adaptor instructions.

* Changelog
1.0.2 Bug: Event names not being updated.
1.0.1 First Release

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